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Plánujete výstavbu RD v roce 2016 ?

Dohodněte se s námi. Při podpisu smlouvy na výstavbu RD, právě v tomto období – aktuální akce – obdržíte slevu 5% z celkového rozpočtu výstavby RD. Akce trvá do 31.1.2016 nebo do zaplnění stavební kapacity.





The fact that you are reading these lines means one thing – you need to build a house, renovate a flat or reconstruct a holiday property. Either that or you are thinking about it. You want to get quality housing for a reasonable price. And you are looking for a reliable construction company which can offer you the best in terms of quality work and an affordable price. We’re a construction company that has been operating on the market in the field of civil engineering for fifteen years. And we try to do our work in a slightly different way to other companies. We know that the company´s most important asset is its know-how. Or, in other words, our ‘know-how’ to do things. That´s why we have developed both our know-how, and professional skills over all these years. We know how to perform quality work while keeping the price at a reasonable level.

We realize (as well as you) that a house construction is a very complicated and time consuming matter. Designs, offices, timeline, lands, materials, money… It is necessary to discover a lot of new information and provide skills, labour and material at the same time. Or, you can entrust these jobs to someone who can do them for you. It’s so simple, just tell us what your idea is and we will look after the rest. First, we’ll start with buying a building plot, then secure a mortgage, continue with the house construction and finally the finishing works. We arrange your building permit and other necessary documents. You have to do only one thing – write to us or call us