Complete package

We are proud that we can offer a comprehensive service package resulting in the construction of your dream house. We will arrange the entire process from the selection and purchase of plots to the final garden landscaping. We have experience with all house construction stages, we will advise you on the pitfalls and will tell you in advance what to expect. Are you about to build your first house and you don’t have a clue how to do it? Then this package will exactly meet your expectations.

  • selection of a building plot in the desired location and mediation of purchase for our client
  • arrangement ofa mortgage loan and insurance related to construction
  • procuringproject documents required for construction
  • house construction
  • external landscaping including fencing or a pool
  • this service also includesprocuring and arranging all necessary documents (e.g. building permits, negotiations with energy providers, various notifications, registration, binding opinions, etc.)